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Hermenegildo (Gildo) Couoh CEO

Hermenegildo (Gildo) Couoh is C & C Security Patrol, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer. Gildo’s history of work encompasses various aspects of private security including on-site protection, vehicle patrol, Government assignments, executive protection and administration. With his experience and knowledge, Gildo formed C & C Security Patrol, Inc. After nine years in Southern California, he brought his expertise to the Silicon Valley, where he is expanding on his 30 years of private security work with Bay Area firms.


Gildo is licensed by The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) as a Private Patrol Operator and a Qualified Manager. He holds an MBA in business administration and criminal justice from Almeda University. In addition, he owns a diploma in security police science with highest honors from Stratford Career Institute.


Gildo is certified by the California Organization of Police & Sheriffs War Against Terrorists, and by the US Department of Defense in Anti-Terrorism Training. Gildo is becoming a Certified Protection Professional with The American Society for Industrialized Security (ASIS). He is further recognized by the LAPD for his dedication to law enforcement and private security partnership. Gildo’s passion and dedication to community safety and security is evident through his personality and work.

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